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Worldwide logistics with a personal touch.

In partnership with URG-Asia Corporation, HJM Logistics PH was founded this year, 2018, in the island of Cebu City, Philippines.  With steadfast expansions all over the world, HJM Logistics PH focuses on the international logistics, development and trade in Asia.

HJM Logistics PH is composed of organized individuals that enhance the art of logistics, technology and management with their exceptional customer satisfaction priority.

HJM Logistics PH is the future of the world’s most comprehensive management information resource providing a complete coverage of all fundamental management principles in logistics.  We identify the surfacing trends, provide cutting-edge solutions and apply the best practices.

Our Services

From day to day shipments to full integrated supply chain solutions.

At HJM Logistics PH, we are at your disposal 24/7 to make sure your shipment’s welfare and arrival are with utmost priority.

From Packing to Distribution

With Hae Joong’s complete variety of services we strive to unburder you fully from personal customes borkerage to data management.

Strategic Development Solutions

Looking for a more efficient and low cost way to produce products?


At New Wave International we value our long lasting partnership with Hae Joong and their dedication and personal approach to the logistic business. Their communication skills and level of quality service are refreshing in our area, Hae Joong is always on top of our shipments.

Ms. Akai

New Wave International & Perle ALPHA


“When Master Image 3D PLC was starting out in Europe, we worked closely together with Hae Joong and asked them to provide Master Image 3D with a logistic supply chain for clients all over our region. Whilst investigating cost efficient and quality options for manufacturing

David Luxford

Master Image 3D PLC

 United Kingdom

“Haejoong has been our go to partner in Asia for over 10 years now. From container shipping to handling airfreight anywhere in the orient, they always make sure our cargo is handled smoothly and make sure it arrives at the final destination by deadline.

Mr. Sener Koksal

Hitit Trans

Ankara, Turkey

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HJM Logistics PH strives to unburden you fully.  With our complete variety of services, from personal customs brokerage to data management, and any other need you may have, HJM Logistics PH has it, at highly competitive prices.

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